Investment Criteria and Fees


* Sectors: All sectors considered, except film finance and natural resources.  Primary enthusiasm and skill set is in actively supporting food and drink manufacturing, wholesaling/distribution and retailing.  Other areas may be considered

* Stage: Preference towards existing businesses which are generating revenue.  We may consider ventures close to generating ‘meaningful’ revenue - i.e. within 6 months. Rarely do we look at startups unless they have had min £50,000 cash investment already and a pre-money valuation of less than £1m

* Investment size:  £50,000 to £500,000

* Location: UK registered companies only.  We have offices in London and Peterborough.

* Valuation: It is essential the valuation is sensible and realistic. Usually, a pre-money valuation under £1m, so there is the ability  for investors to take 20% to 40% of the equity 

* Balance Sheet: Positive net assets, excluding intangible assets.  No Directors’ Loans (or all loans to convert upon further funding).  All payroll and corporation taxes up to date

* Management:  Experienced and committed full time management team (at least two people)

* Growth: Businesses with high growth potential, as opposed to “lifestyle” businesses

* Tax: Qualify under the Seed EIS or EIS (preferable but not essential)

* Exit: Clear exit opportunities within 5 years 


I am licensed to raise funds via the Envestry™ platform, for which there is a charge to the company seeking investment 6% of the funds introduced.  To sign off the financial promotion on the platform, there is a charge of £2,000 plus VAT, which also covers advice and support

I do not operate on a success-fee only model, but happy to chat with no obligation. I hold INVESTMENT BRIEFINGS every two weeks, see below, for companies interested potentially in equity investment. There is no cost for this.